Strategy Consulting: Empowering Businesses

The role of small and medium businesses plays a vital role for the growth of Indian economy by contributing 45% of the industrial output. However, as it stands, around 90% of businesses fail in the first five years of operation. This huge infant entrepreneur mortality is a product of high level of ignorance about how to build and sustain businesses.

For most businesses, the best laid plans have failed due to poor execution and follow through. Making plan execution a priority is where they fail. They simply develop a great plan and put it in writing itself.

Even an average plan that is well executed will drive better results than a great plan that you have never implemented.

We have assisted businesses with high-level decisions that enable earning superior profits and beating the competition. This involves determining how their strategies need to evolve, be flexible and resilient and identifying the capabilities they need in order to outperform competitors.

Building Robust Business Models

  • Startup

    For a start up, the most significant goal is finding a scalable and repeatable business model; We tend to outline initial hypotheses along 3 big questions: WHAT, WHO, HOW.

    What: Problem

    What is the problem you are trying to solve?

    Who: Customer

    Who has the problem?

    How: Product/Market?

    How do you solve this problem?
    How big is this market?
    How are you going to reach this customer?
    How do you drive demand?
    How will you make money?

  • Existing Businesses

    For existing businesses, our team would work on all aspects of your current Business model and after brain storming sessions with your assigned key personnel; we would develop a workable, robust business model that fits your organization.

    All the issues pertaining to your current business models would be addressed at this stage.

    • Growth Inhibitors
    • Increased Utilization of product facility
    • Operating in the right Market (whether less competitive markets available)
    • Cash flow issues and low ROI
    • Right Product/Price Mix with respect to competitors
    • Product catering to the right target audience (segmentation of multiple target customers)
    • Credit Policy issues
    • Bulk purchase of raw materials to avail volume discounts
    • Availing of loans for funding
    • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
    • Enhancing efficiency of labor force
    • Channel management and Distribution Network
    • Reducing Operating cost and Increasing Profit margin
    • Focus on major brand and reduction of product variety.

About SMCS

Southern Management Consultants (SMCS) is a consulting boutique firm specializing in business advisory services. Our core areas of focus include business Strategy Consulting, business finance and business broking.

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