Strategy Consulting: Engagement Model

We offer 2 broad models of engagement to our clients and can be adopted individually or in combination; fee would be reasonable and agreed in advance, as per the client’s specific requirements and the responsibility we undertake.

Effort Based Pricing – Consulting Role

We believe that strategies cannot be held in papers. Our consulting process is quite immersive to ensure the desired result is achieved. In consulting role, the consultancy extends the role of advisory to actually performing the work on behalf of the client. The fee depends on the time spent and the resources deployed. This model consists of two parts - Off-site analysis component and on-site component. Off-site analysis would consist of assessing your current business model and a brief interview/conversation with your key personnel to clarify any questions related to your strategy or the initiatives

Onsite component consists of interaction with your executive team weekly once for a period of 3 months. The analysis and interaction would result in recommendations, assignments, next steps and determining actionable tasks and thereby new business model is arrived by your executive team.

We constantly analyze the progress and make modifications to the recommendations as required based on feedback from the market. This phase takes a minimum of 12 months and normally extends for few years to achieve the desired results considering the volatility of the market and business environment.

Project based pricing – Advisory Role

When the scope of the project is reasonably clear and our involvement is limited to advisory services of either or combination of the following:

  • Developing Market research
  • Pilot project launching
  • Market entry strategy
  • Product & Pricing strategies
  • High Level Business Plan
  • Business Diagnostics Report etc.

We assess the time and resources required and a one-off fee will be charged for this advice. This typically involves an in-depth understanding of your firms industry vertical and business environment.

A one-off fee and the receiving company may choose to follow or discard the advice at its own risk.

About SMCS

Southern Management Consultants (SMCS) is a consulting boutique firm specializing in business advisory services. Our core areas of focus include business Strategy Consulting, business finance and business broking.

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