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Our advisory services are quite immersive with your business and we deliver tailor made solutions for your problems. We assist your business with the right industry, market, and competitive data and intelligence that support and validate your business and growth plans. Unfortunately, most business owners are left to learn the fundamentals of successfully owning and operating a business through the age-old process of "Trial and Error" with an emphasis on error. This "Trial and Error" dependence causes far too many serious and fatal errors, and leads to stress, financial damage, and eventual failure.

There is actually a method to the madness of entrepreneurship. And while the 'character traits' that support entrepreneurship - courage, tolerance for risk, resilience, persistence etc. cannot be taught, the method of building businesses can be taught.

SMCS guide you through the process of learning how to improve your capability to run your business to avoid the many errors others make.

We realize the magnitude of opportunity costs - the cost/risk associated with pursuing the wrong opportunities. SMCS's rigorous feasibility study development process validates and/or improves upon your clients' business ideas and strategies.

There is no "one size fits all" solution to building a business; therefore we go deep into your business to ensure quality and depth in our delivery.

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