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India has around 30 million business units and on an average every 3 years, people shift their business. There is a huge dearth of qualified firms/individuals with the proper know-how to make such deals.

Entrepreneurs achieve real wealth when they sell their business. SMCS helps entrepreneurs attain this goal by figuring out exactly what they must do to create the highest value business; short-term success and long-term success are NOT mutually exclusive; when you properly build your business with a defined exit plan, you can maximize short term revenues and profits, while preparing your company for a multi-million exit; and one that will have multiple buyers competing to purchase it.

We assist business units across every industry in identifying potential buyers to sell their business for a premium; Selling to an acquirer who will pay a premium because it believes it can generate even more value from what you've built.

With the proper business intelligence and market know-how to ascertain your business value factoring in all parameters, SMCS advise you on ways to leverage it through a proven methodical and systematic process.

We assist business owners/individuals in the following areas:

  • Analyzing and Pricing Businesses
  • Presentation of businesses to potential buyers
  • Negotiation of Offers to Purchase
  • Presentation of offer to business owner
  • Due Diligence
  • Pre closing activities and responsibilities
  • Closing Documents
  • Business Closing and Transfer
  • Post-closing activities and responsibilities

If you too would like to realize an exit with highest premium, feel free to contact us. We would be able to develop and execute a comprehensive exit strategy plan tailor made for your business.

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